Florida Van Council, Inc.
Membership and newsletter application

Club – If you are not a member of a club write “independent”






City                                                      State                             Zip






  • All members may vote at meetings and hold an office.

·         If you renew your membership after December 31 it will be an additional $1.00 ($21)                             Fees

                              $20 (1 year Jan. – Dec.)

                              $15 (1/2 year July 1 – Dec. 31)

  • It is your responsibility to notify the FVC of any address or phone number changes or you may not receive your newsletter or member benefits.
  • Please make all checks and money orders payable to Florida Van Council, Inc.
    and mail to:
     FVC Treasurer: Linard Morris, 12931 SW 10 Ct.,Davie, FL  33325

It is your responsibility to keep your address and phone listing up to date!     

 Keep on Vanning. It don’t get no better than this!