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Cari Patton

Janet Bown Declue had been in vanning since 1974-ish when I met her in 1985.  She told my husband and me about the fun they had running with the vanners in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, etc. 

I went to my first eVANt at Winter Park, Bikini State 6, Memorial Day weekend 1986, sponsored by Central Florida Vans.  I was hooked.  After attending my first FVC meeting in Nov 1986, I became actively involved in the goings on and was soon elected Vice President.  

I served as VP, attended and helped sponsor several Councils of Councils here in Florida and traveled to numerous other states.  We literally cannon-balled on 4 day weekends to as far away as Wisconsin, Illinois, and too many states to list.  

I attended several Nationals and out of state Council of Councils, as well.  I was in on the infamous Vanner Land Corporation, in an effort to purchase a place for us all to have our own property for vanning.  

I am devoted to the betterment of vanning and try to stay as active as possible, rolling with the inevitable changes and new guard.  

There have been a lot of changes, some great, some not so much.  I got burned out on the cliques and politics and took a break for 2-3 years but realized how much I missed being involved.  I was grateful the FVC asked me to return to VP position this year.  I hope to continue to have a beneficial impact on Vanning here in Florida.  I love coordinating with other Councils and promoting Vanning all over the world.

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